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The story of Photoelectric Effect

Starting Date: 15-07-2021

This course is archived. Certificates will not be issued for this course.


This course is conducted by the National Anveshika Network of India and CCE IIT Kapur. The course will be mostly descriptive, with very little use of Mathematics.


Course Content


A. General description of light

Diffraction and Interference of light, Wavelength distribution in Sunlight, visible, infrared and ultraviolet light

B. History of Photoelectric Effect 

Laws of electricity magnetism leading to a prediction of EM waves, Hertz experiment to produce EM waves in Lab and observation of Photoelectric effect.

Hallwachs Experiment with electroscope to confirm Photoelectric effect

Philip Lenard's experiment

C. Einstein's Nobel prize work

Photon theory, Prediction on Photoelectric effect

Robert Milikan's experiment on Photoelectric Effect to confirm Einstein's Prediction. 


Science Students Std. 11 onwards, Teachers and others interested 

About Certificates

There will be one quiz at the end of the course but that will not be used for any grading.

Participation Certificates will be given based on attendance.