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Short Term Training Program: PSA Oxygen Generation Plant

Starting Date: 02-06-2021

This course is archived. Certificates will not be issued for this course.


This short term course is designed for master trainers who will eventually train technicians working on the PSA Oxygen Generating Plants, which are being installed throughout the country. The course outlines the fundamentals behind the plant operation, generic layout of such plants, maintenance issues and troubleshooting aspects.

Course Prerequisites:
Potential trainers should have basic engineering background, with training in any of the following disciplines, viz., mechanical engineering, chemical process engineering, automobile engineering, instrumentation engineering etc.


Dr. Sameer Khandekar

Dr. Malay K. Das


Operational Assistants

Dr. Neeta Singh
Ms. Revathy K T
Mr. Deepak Kumar

Course Content

Detailed course plan : (Module wise / Lecture wise)

Day #0

  • Introduction to the course: Outline, Structure, Learning objectives and outcomes.

Day #1

  • Basic Thermodynamics: Units and dimensions, Phases, Properties of solid, liquid and gases, Pressure, Temperature, Volume, Density, Definitions and measurement, Instrumentation
  • Properties of Air, basics of psychrometry, DBT, WBT

Day #2

  • Properties of Oxygen, Different methods of oxygen production, cryogenic distillation process, membrane separation, a pressure swing adsorption process (with details of molecular sieve), Oxygen storage and Transport methods.
  • Medical grade oxygen, requirements, common impurities

Day #3

  • Process involved in gas production/storage/transportation/usage.
  • Compression, Expansion, Throttling,  Drying/  Dehumidifying, Humidifying, Filtration, Absorption vs Absorption, Mixing, Cooling, Heating

Day #4

  • Fundamentals of air compressors, types, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting
  • Fundamentals of compressed air dryer, types, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting

Day #5

  • AirSep PSA Oxygen plant, principle, layout design Operation and Maintenance, Troubleshooting
  • ELGI Compressor,  principle, layout design Operation and Maintenance, Troubleshooting
  • ELGI Dryer,  principle, layout design Operation and Maintenance, Troubleshooting


Master trainers identified by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

About Certificates

Qualifying students will be given a certificate based on their involvement and performance in the course. The certificate will be issued  by the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), IIT Kanpur, India