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National Anveshika Experimental Skill Test

Starting Date: 08-08-2020
Closing Date: 29-08-2020

This course is archived. Certificates will not be issued for this course.


Experiments are integral part of science. History shows how careful observations and suitably designed experiments have changed the course of human development in all aspects. To promote these skills among students, National Anveshika Network of India (NANI), a unit of Indian Association of physics Teachers, conducts a competition NAEST (National Anveshika Experimental Skill Test) based on Physics Experiments each year since 2014. This is probably the only test of its kind in India.


Dr. H. C. Verma and Team

Course Content

Screening Round 

NANI is collaborating with Center of Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur for the Registration to this Competition and its first round which is called Screening Round. In this round 8 to 10 short videos of some innovative experiments will be shown to the students and questions will be asked to test their observation skills and basic understanding of the subject. This round will be conducted on 9th August.
Starting from the registration time and till the Screening round, students can enjoy the facilities at this site which includes asking their Physics queries in Forum, Physics lessons based on self-doable experiments in video format and Previous Years Screening round videos with questions in Resource section.


Anveshikas are centers for promoting experiment-based Physics learning. There are 26 Anveshikas in India under NANI and depending on the location of the school/college, each participant will be assigned an Anveshika. The link to the list of Anveshikas is given at the end of this page. Selected students from the Screening round will be allowed in the Prelims round which will be conducted by the Anveshikas. This round focuses more on performing experiments and analyzing the data by the participants. Details of prelims round will have shared with selected candidates.

Semi-final / Final: Selected students from Prelims will be allowed in semifinal & final round where they will perform experiments. 

Target Audience: Any Indian student enrolled in standard 9-12/B.Sc./M.Sc from any academic institution in India


Screening: Participation certificate for eligible students participating in screening based on their performance. 

Prelim: 1st – Rs. 1000/-, 2nd Rs. 750/- and 3rd Rs. 500/-, 
( *Based on the performance & discretions of Judges )

1. National Winner: Rs 5000/-
2. National First runner up: Rs 3000/- 
3. National Second runner up: Rs 2000/-
(These National level prizes are under IAPT-Shilpa Nandkumar Memorial Award constituted for College level and School level NAEST)

Click here to find the list of Anveshika names and coordinators.