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Classical Mechanics - 1

Starting Date: 25-01-2021

This course is archived. Certificates will not be issued for this course.


This course will be offered in English and will be free of cost.

Three lectures will be released every week, generally one on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The lectures can be viewed at any time during the course duration. Three to Four multiple-choice quizzes will be held for evaluation.


Operational Assistants

Dr. Neeta Singh

Mr. Vipin Sharma

Ms. Revathy KT

Mr. Deepak Kumar

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Ms. Kanta Bubna

Mr. Abhishek Shukla

Mr. K.K.Dubey

Ms. Sugatha Chaturvedi

Mr. Aditya Vadlamani

Ms. Aparna Gaikwad

Mr. Avinash Karnick

Course Content

  • Newton’s formulation of Classical Mechanics, Other formulations
  • Inertial and Non inertial frames
  • Dynamics of a single particle, Linear momentum, Angular momentum, Torque, Work and energy. 
  • Introduction to motion of a particle under central forces. 
  • Dynamics of system of particles, two particle collision in one and two dimensions, Description in Center of Mass frame.
  • Degree of freedom for a rigid body, General motion as translation of a point and rotation about that point. Angular velocity of the body.
  • Rotation with a fixed axis, Components of torque and  angular momentum
  • Rotation with one point fixed.
  • Moment of Inertia Tensor, Principal Axes, Euler Equations.
  • Body fixed, Space fixed and mixed frames.


B.Sc., and M.Sc., students, Physics Teachers teaching at UG, PG level, People interested in Physics/Math's background.

About Certificates

Participants will be given certificates from the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), IIT Kanpur, depending on the performance.